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AI-driven Business

Rennes School of Business

Enabling AI-driven Business

Business constantly changes and adapts. But when a whole new way of doing business emerges, firms face not just change but fundamental uncertainty. Those that quickly adapt have a chance to succeed. Those that fall behind often find it too late to catch up. The advent of AI-driven Business is one such major business inflection point.

AI-driven Business is a research and practice centre in Rennes School of Business. We were established in early 2019 as the first AI Business research centre in Europe. The centre focuses on enabling the AI-driven businesses of tomorrow and on preparing the future workforce to be ready to benefit from the growth of these AI-driven solutions.

The research centre is run by Dr. André NEMEH and the research is divided along three key areas of industry interest, each with their own Principal Investigator. These areas can be seen below and selected to find out more details.







Funded Projects


Research Published

Our Key Areas

Applies AI, big data analytics, and computational intelligence to support decision making in project management and other aspects of modern operations management in the firm.

Our research areas of focus are driven by current firm needs, and the needs of the businesses of tomorrow. Some areas focus on specific business functions, while others are more transversal over-arching areas of interest: such as on the ethics, inclusivity, business transition processes, and the methods of AI-driven business.

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