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Why AI Business?

Transformational opportunities...

AI-driven business is about businesses intelligently knowing each of their customers on an individual basis. It's about old hefty cost structures being swept away overnight. It's about product and services that are optimally designed to fly off the shelves. It's about HR knowing the best employees to hire and marketers knowing the proven winning ads to write. It's about firm financing and supply chains determined at the lowest cost and the highest benefit. It's about strategy that builds on intelligence that sees beyond human capabilities.

... and existential threats

Firms operating with the best AI-driven advantages will inevitably triumph in their industry. The nature of AI technologies tends to lead to single or few winners in any given industry. That creates obvious existential issues for the firms that fall behind. 


Witness the upheaval in financial market trading, where start-up hedge fund AI-driven algorithms have, in just a decade, wiped out the trading desks of large investment firms that stood for a century as reliable major profit centres. We are increasingly see this spread across every industry.

AI-driven Business @ Rennes

AI-driven Business at Rennes School of Business focuses on understanding both the advantages of AI applied to business, as well as how firms can transform to implement these new techniques.


In this area technical AI and digital expertise is blended with work practices expertise to find solutions that work, and to help businesses to be prepared for this revolution. Researchers within the area publish research on those efforts in leading journals in all business disciplines. We also train students and executives to be able to take advantage of these opportunities.

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