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Current Research 


The AI-driven Business area of excellence has different types of collaborations:

  • Collaborations with other higher education institutions and organisations to enhance cooperation and create new synergies,

  • Collaborations with businesses through consultancy, research and innovation development, data analysis etc.,

  • Cross-disciplinary collaborations with other areas of excellence within Rennes School of Business to make each area stronger.

Information on our current key research collaborations are detailed below. We are always interested in new research collaboration opportunities. Please contact either the AI Business Director, Michael Dowling, or any Principal Investigator to discuss the possibility of working together.



We partner with B-Com, the leading digital technology innovation hub in Brittany, on an ANR-registered research project on envisaging the long-term impact of AI. Our focus in this project is on prospecting on the future impact and development of fintech.



We are a research partner institute with the Irish Institute of Digital Business (dotLAB), one of the largest digital business research groups in Europe. In this partnership we, as dotLAB France, specialise in textual analysis for AI business as part of a global network of research institutes.


Zayed University

The Agribusiness and AI Business Areas of Excellence in Rennes SB are working with Zayed University in the United Arab Emirates on a funded research project on the application of Latent Dirichlet Allocation topic modelling to predict agricultural commodity pricing.



We are working with BDI - Bretagne Développement Innovation, the regional development and innovation agency, on a regional AI Observatory. The objective of this observatory is to assess the impact of Artificial Intelligence on Brittany's businesses and organisations, to identify AI skills developed and to help these businesses and organisations make the most of AI technologies.



We collaborate with INSOFE on a number of pedagogic and research projects. INSOFE is one of the largest data science training institutes in India well-known for the excellence of their education. Our projects centre on developing case studies of AI application in business, and research into effective AI business education.


CCI Paris

We work on a funded project with the CCI Paris, in conjunction with Paris School of Business and Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. This project is situated in the CCI Paris L'observatoire de la formation, de l'emploi et des métiers (OFEM) and applies machine learning and deep learning to understand growth patterns of small-to-medium-sized enterprises.

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